Seconds, not days.

In beta 11, we have made a big change to the way that Ration handles billing cycles.

When we designed the core engine for Ration, we stupidly based the way that billing cycles were handled by breaking them into days, and doing all calculations from that. As the community quickly pointed out, this is extremely lacking, as Ration can then only show correct reporting for your plan as it exists at the start of each day.

We have now scrapped this, and the core of Ration now stores and calculates cycle data based on seconds, so cycle calculations are always up to date. This means that you will now see far more specific information about your cycle:

The interface will now report passed and remaining cycle up to the second, so that you can better manage your usage each day. Your cycle percentage is also far more accurate, meaning that metrics such as your remaining average, and targets should give you information in real time.

Also, the data target (the little arrow) will now move along with the day, so that you can track your usage over the minutes or hours of a day, rather than full days like before.

Overall, we think this core change to Ration improves the way that data is stored and reported to you, and offers some great opportunities for further metrics in the future.

Posted by Jedda on 2010-04-26 02:50:54
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